588 error during diagnose

PROBLEM - While running diagnostics on 6381 systems with BIOS level L8JT39A, a 588 error occurs. During power-up, the Cirrus BIOS was occasionally finding 2MB of video RAM in the machine.

Machines AFFECTED - Valuepoint 6381 systems.

SOLUTION - Cirrus had originally removed the 2MB of video test from their BIOS. In level 1.40 of Cirrus video BIOS, Cirrus placed the 2MB test back into their code. Level 38 of the IBM FLASH/BIOS code contained version 1.40 of the new Cirrus video BIOS, but level 38 was never released to manufacturing.

Because Cirrus did not hear of any problems with the 2MB test, Cirrus left the code in and released version 1.41. Level 39 of Nuts POST/BIOS contains version 1.41 of the Cirrus video BIOS.

Cirrus removed the 2MB test and rebuilt version 1.41, calling the new version 1.41A. level 40 of the Nuts POST/BIOS has version 1.41A. Each machine either built or FLASHed to level 39 must be FLASHed to level 40.

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