Communication failure / system hangs

PROBLEM - PS/Valuepoint 6381 and 6384 P60/D systems may experience communication failures or system hangs when using a device attached to either of the two serial ports.

Machines AFFECTED - Valuepoint 6381 and 6384 P60/D systems.

SOLUTION - Powering the system on first may put the hardware in a condition, causing some applications to run in a loop trying to clear a register. This will give the appearance of a failing serial device, application, or system hang.

A fix has been developed in the form of a patch for DOS, Windows 3.1, and Windows for workgroups. The patches are available from the IBM PC company bulletin board or through the standard microsystems corporation (SMC) bulletin board at (516)-273-4936. Customers may also call SMC for a copy of the patch diskette at (800)-443-7364.

If standard microsystems corporation (SMC) is contacted for a copy of the patch, use the following names to obtain the appropriate patch diskette:


COMM.DRV - Windows 3.1

SERIAL.386 - Windows for workgroups

an OS/2 solution will be released soon.

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