VP VIDE initialization errors

PROBLEM - PS/Valuepoint 6382/S, 6384/D, and 6387/T may experience video adapter initialization errors when using the fonts shipped with Windows version 3.11.

"an error occurred while trying to initialize the video adapter-press enter to continue" will be received if one of the following video modes provIDEd by the Windows 3.11 package is selected.

super VGA 640x480x256 large fonts

super VGA 640x480x256 small fonts

super VGA 800x600x256 large fonts

super VGA 800x600x256 small fonts

super VGA 1024x768x256 large fonts

super VGA 1024x768x256 small fonts

Machines AFFECTED - Valuepoint 6382/S, 6384/D, and 6387/T systems.

SOLUTION - The above video modes are not compatible with the S3 chipset integrated into the PS/Valuepoint 6382/S, 6384/D, and 6387/T or with S3 based graphics adapters.

Utilize the S3 device driver selections when performing the Windows display setup. The S3 drivers are provided with the PS/Valuepoint system and will eliminate this error condition.

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