Madge smart in 6381 with Quantum HD

PROBLEM - The device driver for the Madge Smart 16/4 ISA client ringnode will fail to load or the network connections will fail when installed in a 6381 w/ a Quantum 120MB hard file.

Machines AFFECTED - 6381 with 120MB Quantum hardfile

SOLUTION - The Quantum 120MB hard file results in noise generated on the IOR ISA bus signal.

SOLUTION - A planar FRU has been released that fixes this problem.

425SX P/N 8G4127
433SX P/N 8G4126

If the Madge Smart 16/4 ISA client ringnode adapter device drivers fails to load or network connections fail, then check the following conditions

1. the Valuepoint being used is a 6381
2. a 120MB quantum h/f is installed

If the above two conditions are met, then the problem exists. In that case that planar needs to be replaced with the new FRU.

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