Hang when installing OS/2 / SCGA

PROBLEM - When installing OS/2 on a P60/D that was previously set to some SVGA resolution, the install will appear to hang when it is time to reboot OS/2 (after disk 5).

Machines AFFECTED - Valuepoint 6384 P60/D systems.

SOLUTION - The system is not really hung, it is really presenting a blank screen since it assumes the video subsystem is an 8514/A (which mach32 can emulate) to install OS/2 successfully the install.exe utility on the mach32 driver diskette #1 must be run. These 3 diskettes come with the P60/D. Set the configuration back to VGA mode, 640x480 60Hz, press F10 to save the eep ROM configuration, and then the install of of OS/2 will continue.

The SVGA setting is updated in the EEP ROM on that ATI chipset and OS/2 has not loaded the SVGA support yet at this point in the install. After completing the OS/2 install, you can then set SVGA modes.

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