System boards with incorrect P/N

PROBLEM - 425SX, 433DX, 433DX2 and 486DX system boards have been printed with incorrect part numbers.

Machines AFFECTED - Valuepoint 6382 and 6384 systems.

SOLUTION - FRU P/N 92f0388 is erroneously printed on some 425SX, 433DX, and 433DX2 system boards. FRU 92F0388 is the correct FRU P/N for 433SX boards only.
FRU 61g3223, 71G3154 and 82G1865 is erroneously printed on some level 2 486DX2 33/66 MHz system boards.
The PS/Valuepoint hardware maintenance manual (S61G-1423) should be used for part number identification.

NOTE: This problem has been corrected by manufacturing.

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