DEC pathworks and 3com EtherLink

PROBLEM - In systems running dec pathworks and the 3com EtherLink III adapter, the data transfer rate fluctuates and is usually very slow.

Systems AFFECTED - All 6381 machines.

SOLUTION - Three fixes are available to solve this problem:
  1.  The network control program (NCP.EXE) on the client and modify the transmit and  receive pipe quotas. The default is either 1 or 3. if the default is 1, change it to 3. If  the default is 3, change it to 1. This will not solve the problem completely, but it will  help.
  2.  Change the DECNET transport protocol to TCP/IP. The problem is only apparent in the  DECNET transport protocol.
  3.  DEC has some new client drivers that fix this problem. They are available from DEC  (1-800-354-9000).

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