IBM 16/4 Token Ring fail init

PROBLEM - The IBM 16/4 Token Ring may fail to initialize on a Valuepoint P60/D system without the correct adapter settings.

Systems AFFECTED - 6384 P60/D systems with an IBM 16/4 Token Ring installed.

SOLUTION - Set the adapter and the system to the following settings:

Adapter System

1) ROM-starting at CC000 1) shadow RAM:

- CC000-CFFFF disabled

- D0000-D3FFF disabled

- D4000-D7FFF disabled

- D8000-DBFFF disabled

2) RAM-starting at D8000 2) PCI IRQ9 available for ISA

3) Switches

- OFF X--XX---XX-X

- ON -XX--XXX--X-

4) IRQ2

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