6387 VP fail to recognize 16 bit adapter

PROBLEM - 6387 Valuepoint machines may fail to recognize an installed 16 bit adapter. Errors such as diagnostic fails, "adapter not found", and "adapter initialize error" may be seen.

Machines AFFECTED - 6387/T within the following serial number range and a riser card with a bar code header "b121k" printed on the bar code label.

M/T model serial number

--- ----- -------------

6387 M00 23A0311-23A0660

6387 M70 23AA451-23AB533

6387 W00 23N0218-23N1362

6387 W90 23FF258-23FK584

6387 W91 23V0042-23V2681

NOTE: Machines with this problem must not only be within the above serial range but also have the bar code header listed above. One of the two does not qualify as a defective riser card.

SOLUTION - A new riser card will fix this problem. The new riser card FRU part number is 92F0393.

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