Data integrity error and 340MB harddisk

PROBLEM - A data integrity error may occur when performing a write to the 340MB disk when followed immediately by a system power off. This will appear to the user as "xx lost allocation units found in x chains" upon executing the "CHKDSK /F" command. This problem may also appear as missing files or data.

Machines AFFECTED - All 6382/S, 6384/D, and 6387/T's with Western Digital 340MB
files meeting the following criteria:

- Western Digital 340MB file FRU number 92F0404

- Bar code label beginning with "L15P0....."

- Systems within the following serial number range:

- 6384-K70 S/N,23-TRLHZ through 23-TTAHW

- 6384-K71 S/N,23-CHKWC through 23-CKAAT

- 6384-M70 S/N,23-VDRGC through 23-VGYBN

- 6384-M71 S/N,23-DWBZT through 23-DWRLF

- 6384-W70 S/N,23-VWGYK through 23-VYABV

- 6384-W71 S/N,23-GMDFW through 23-GNBBV

- 6384-M70 S/N,23-AA048 through 23-AB951

- 6384-M71 S/N,23-F0000 through 23-2766

SOLUTION - A Western Digital 340MB disk drive microcode patch will fix this problem. The patch can be obtained from the IBM BBS.

Additional Information - Reference RETAIN TIP H121147

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