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Series-300 - 6565 - Parts Listing

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Description    FRU P/N
1 Top Cover Assembly    09K9825
2 Power Supply-145W    01K9870
   Power Supply-145W (China)    36L8815
   Power Supply-145W (Japan)    20L2314
3 Fan Duct Kit    37L4995
4 C2 security switch assembly    09K9827
5 Hard File/Floppy Bracket    09K9847
6 RFID antenna    03K9654
7 Bezel Kit    37L5097
8 CD-ROM (40X Max)    36L8789
   CD-ROM (48X Max)    09N0735
9 1.44 MB, 3.5-Inch Diskette Drive 75H9550  
   1.44 MB, 3.5-Inch Diskette Drive  
   (Japan)    75H9552
   Order either of the 10.1 GB  
   hard drives below  
   10 10.1 GB EIDE Hard Disk Drive    37L5717
   10.1 GB EIDE Hard Disk Drive    36L8627
   13.5 GB EIDE Hard Disk Drive    36L8689
   20.4 GB EIDE Hard Disk Drive    36L8628
   9.1 GB SCSI Hard Disk Drive  
   7200 rpm    36L8648
11 Front Bezel Assembly    37L5096
12 Fan/Card Guide Assembly    37L5093
13 Memory - 64 MB ECC    33L3080
   Memory - 64 MB SDRAM    33L3072
   Memory - 128 MB SDRAM    33L3074
14 System Board  
   (no processor, no memory)    61H2486
15 Pentium® III 500/100 MHz.    00N3879
   Pentium® III 533B/133 MHz.    33L4066
   Pentium® III 533EB/133 MHz.    09N3462
   Pentium® III 600EB/133 MHz    37L6034
   Pentium® III 667 MHz    00N3622
   Pentium® III 733 MHz    00N7174
16 Chassis Assembly    09K9823
17 Ethernet Adapter  
   Lake Clark 2.4    34L1109
   SCSI Adapter - Adaptec 2940    10L7122
18 Key lock assembly    09K9829
19 Pedestal  
   (Order via OBI option)    33L5136
   Cable - ATA-66 2 Drop    37L5098
   Cable - CD-ROM Audio    75H9219
   Cable - Diskette Drive    33L2596
   Cable - Hard Disk Cable, ATA    37L4525
   Cable - SCSI, hard disk    10K0805
   Cable - Wake On Ring    76H7345
   EMC Shield Kit for System Board    37L5095
   Foot (4)    03K9655
   EMC Shield for 5.25-inch Bay    20L3073
   LED/Power Switch Assembly    37L5092
   Lithium Battery    33F8354
   Miscellaneous Hardware Kit    20L3094
   Mouse - Scrollpoint 2    28L1865
   Name Plate (6565)    09K9849
   Savage2 Video Card-100 2xAGP    09N5898
   Savage2 Video Card-143 4xAGP    33L1618
   Savage2 Video Card-143 4xAGP  
   dongle    09N3435
   Speaker/Cable Assembly    01K4909
   URM retainer Kit    33L4521

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