Flash (BIOS) Update Procedure (Aptiva 2187, 2190 - SL-A)

Flash (BIOS) Update Procedure (Aptiva 2187, 2190 - SL-A)

Note: The flash update procedure does not change the model number and serial number information in BIOS.

  1.  Prepare a bootable DOS diskette with AWDFLASH.EXE and VXXYYZZ.BIN files.

    Note: The AWDFLASH.EXE is a flash utility program.  The VXXYYZZ.BIN is a BIOS source code binary file.

  2.  Insert the diskette and boot from drive A.

      -WARNING- Do not boot with any memory related driver such as HIMEM.SYS,  EMS.SYS...

  3.  At the DOS prompt A:>, type A:>AWDFLASH VXXYYZZ.BIN and then press Enter.

  4.  Then the screen shows: "Do You Want To Save BIOS (Y/N)". Type Y if you  want to save old BIOS data, and N if you do not.

  5.  When the screen shows: "Are You Sure To Program (y/n)", type Y to flash  and update the system BIOS.

  6.  The program updates the BIOS automatically.

  7.  Wait for the update to complete.

      -WARNING- Do not turn off the system power while the BIOS is programming,  or the flash ROM will be destroyed.

  8.  Press F1 to reset (or press F10 to exit) the system after the BIOS is  completely updated.

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