Assembly 3: Machine Type 2174 - CD/DVD-ROM Drive Parts

Assembly 3: Machine Type 2174 CD/DVD-ROM Drive Parts

3-1 09N5354 DVD-ROM 8X/40X White
3-1 09N5355 DVD-ROM 8X/40X Black
3-2 01K4224 Hard Disk and CD-ROM Drive IDE Cable
3-3 20L2289 CD/DVD-ROM Drive Audio Cable
3-4 01N1954 GVC Conexant PCI 56K DF
3-NS 00K8183 7FT Phone Cord
3-NS 01N3181 Jumper Cable (3" to 5" Phone Cord)
3-NS 01N1961 Microphone, noise cancelling
Andrea NC-8 w/PC99 Color
3-NS 09N5336 Speaker, Tier 1 Plus, Zylux (Active) Black with Blue Color Grill
3-NS 36L9126 Speaker, Zylux (Passive) White (No Adapter Req'd)
3-NS 09N5353 Speaker Grill (Package of 4 Grills - Red, Green, Blue and Black)
3-NS 01N3002 Intel Home PNA PCI Adapter Card
3-NS 20L2169 ADT 9VDC1120V A40910M
3-NS 09N5383 Aureal Vortex-2 PCI audio card
by Ocean (high end)
3-NS 09N5384 ESS Solo-1 audio card (low end)

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