Keyboards - PC 300 - Type 6288,6278,6288,6338,6563,6564,6574 and Aptiva - 2173

Keyboards - Rapid Access II - Aptiva Type 2173

Language    FRU P/N
   China    37L2590
   Hong Kong    37L2611

Keyboards - PCNext Lite - PC 300 Type 6268,6278,6288,6338,6563,6564,6574

Language    FRU P/N
   Arabic    37L2518
   Belgian-French    37L2519
   Belgian-UK    37L2520
   Brazil/Portugal    28L1826
   Bulgarian    37L2521
   Chinese    37L2548
   Czech    37L2522
   Danish    37L2523
   Dutch    37L2524
   French    37L2525
   French/Canadian-ID 058    37L0912
   French/Canadian-ID 044    37L2515
   German    37L2526
   Greek    37L2527
   Hebrew    37L2528
   Hungarian    37L2529
   Icelandic    37L2530
   Italian    37L2531
   Korean    28L1860
   Japanese    28L1858
   Latin/Spanish    37L2516
   Norwegian    37L2532
   Polish    37L2533
   Portuguese    37L2534
   Romania    37L2535
   Russian    37L2536
   Serbian/Cyrillic    37L2537
   Slovakian    37L2538
   Spanish    37L2539
   Swed/Finn    37L2540
   Swiss French/German    37L2541
   Thailand    37L2550
   Turkish (ID 179)    37L2542
   Turkish (ID 440)    37L2543
   UK English    37L2544
   US English    37L2514
   UK English (ISO Compliant)    37L2546
   Yugoslavian    37L2545

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