System Unit - Parts Catalog (Aptiva 2165 - SL-A)

System Unit - Parts Catalog Aptiva 2165 - SL-A

Index    FRU P/N
1 Pro862 planar  
   (Models 11C,11W,11V,11Q)    00N4428
   Pro862 w/LAN planar  
   (Models 10J,11J,15J,11A,10S,10T  
   11T,15V,12J,16J)    00N4429
2 CPU, AMD K6-2-380  
   (Models 10J,11J,11C,11W,11V,11A  
   10S,10T,11T,12J,11Q)    00N4425
   CPU, AMD K6-2-450  
   (Models 15J,15V,16J)    00N4426
3 Fansink  
   (Models 11C,11W,11V,15V,10J,11J  
   15J,11A,10S,10T,11T,12J,16J,11Q)    01N1840
4 Riser Card  
   (Models 10J,11J,15J,11C,11W,11V  
   15V,11A,10S,10T,11T,12J,16J,11Q)    00N4430
5 Video VGA DRAM daughter card    00N4423
6 32MB (100MHz) DIMM (OPT P/N 01K1136)    00N4435
   64MB (100MHz) DIMM (OPT P/N 01K1137)    00N4436
   128MB (100MHz) DIMM (OPT P/N 01K1138)    01K1148
7 Speaker Set (Internal)    00N4439
8 95W Power Supply    00N4437
9 Power Cord Taiwan/LA    13F9959
   Power Cord-LA(HI Voltage)    13F9978
   Power Cord-UK/HK    14F0032
   Power Cord-China    02K0545
   Power Cord- Australia/APU Countries    13F9939
   Power Cord-T-Mark 10A/125V  
   w/i adapter Japan    36L9015
10 Top Cover    00N4420
11 System Bezel (NCP862)    00N4440
12 System Stand  
   NCP862 (Vertical)    00N4438
13 Planar I/O Port Emc shield w/label  
   (Used on planar without LAN)    00N4421
   Planar I/O Port Emc shield w/label  
   (Used on planar with LAN)    00N4422
14 Planar Tray    00N4417
15 Drive Tray (CD-ROM/HDD)    00N4418
16 FDD Mounting Bracket    00N4419
17 Screws Pack    00N4416
18 Power switch/LED Cable Assembly    00N4447
19 Card Retainer    00N4427
20 Game Port Cable    00N4444
21 CMOS Backup Battery (CR2032) 3V    36L9077
22 Microphone - VXI/Parrot IV    01N1799

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