Configuring SNMP for UMA

Configuring SNMP for UMA

Note: Before you configure SNMP to forward UMA events as traps to a Microsoft SMS server, you must first install the tools provided by UMA on the SMS server.

See 'Configuring SMS for UMA' for details.

You can configure the Universal Management Agent (UMA) program to forwards SNMP traps in response to events that occur on the client. The UMA program sends SNMP traps with OID
The OID and trap data are common with the Intel® LANDesk Client Manager product. The UMA program provides a UMA.MIB file on each client in the UMA_install_directory\Enterprise\SNMP directory. You can use this MIB file with certain SNMP utilities or Enterprise consoles.

UMA forwards the SNMP traps only if the SNMP Agent is installed on both the server and the client workstation. You can install and configure the SNMP Agent as part of the UMA installation process or afterwards by using the Windows 95 CD or Windows NT CD.
However, if you install the SNMP Agent for Windows 95 after UMA has been installed, you must manually add the trap destinations to the registry using the REGEDIT program.
See 'Windows 95 and 98 Registry Entries for SNMP' for details.
In Windows NT, you can configure trap destinations and other SNMP parameters at any time.
See 'Configuring SNMP Trap Destinations in Windows NT' for details.

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