Forwarding UMA Eventsto SMS Using SNMP

Forwarding UMA Events to SMS Using SNMP

The UMA program forwards SNMP traps in response to events that occur at the client.
To view the events in the SMS Administrator, you must configure the SMS Administrator to receive the UMA traps as follows:

  1.  From the SMS Administrator, click on the site with which you want to work.
  2.  In the menu bar, click on File, and then click on Properties.
  3.  Click on SNMP Traps.
  4.  Click on the Proposed Site Properties radio button.
  5.  Click on Create.
  6.  In the Description field, type a short description, such as UMA Traps.
  7.  Click on the OID radio button, and then type in the field.
  8.  Click on OK, click on OK again, and then click on OK once more.
  9.  When the prompt appears asking if you are sure you want to update the site, click on Yes.
     SMS is now configured to receive SNMP traps sent by UMA.

  -Important:- SNMP Traps are forwarded only if the SNMP Agent is installed on both the client and the SMS server.
See 'Configuring SNMP for UMA' for information about installing and configuring SNMP.

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