Startup Options - Aptiva (SL-A) 2139/53/58/63

Startup Options

From the Setup main menu, select Startup Options to view or change start-up configuration settings. The Startup Options menu appears.
This menu identifies the start-up devices.

Fast POST Mode - When set to Auto, which is the default, this parameter allows the system to boot faster by skipping some power on self-test (POST) routines.

Silent Boot - This parameter enables or disables the silent boot function.
When set to Enabled, which is the default, BIOS is in graphical mode and displays the IBM logo while booting.
If an error occurs while booting, the system automatically switches to text mode.

Even if the setting is Enabled, you may also switch to the text mode while booting by pressing F9 after you see the message 'Press <F1> to go to the Setup Utility'.

When set to Disabled, BIOS is in the conventional text mode where you see the system initialization details on the screen

Num Lock After Boot - This parameter displays whether the NumLock function on the keyboard turns on automatically each time you turn the computer on.
You can set this to Enabled or Disabled.
The default is Enabled.

Boot Sequence - This parameter allows you to set system boots from Floppy, Hard Disk or CD-ROM drive.

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