Hardware Interfaces - Aptiva (SL-A) 2158, 2163

Hardware Interfaces

The following peripheral interfaces for adapters, options, and drives are supported in the system unit.
Item-    Interface
   Expansion slot for    Machine Type 2158 and 2163
   I/O adapter cards    Three PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) v2.1 compatible expansion
     slots that operates at 33 MHz bus speed.
     One IBM AT-ISA Plug and Play compatible expansion slot that operates
     at 8 MHz bus speed.
     Note: There is one PCI/ISA shared slot
   Hard disk drives    Two PCI local bus Enhanced IDE v1.0 compatible hard disk drive interfaces
     that support:
     - PIO mode up to mode 5
     - DMA 32-bit access up to mode 2
     - Ultra 33 Synchronous DMA up to mode 2 (33MB/sec.).
   CD/DVD-ROM drive    5.25-in. high-performance, 32X CD-ROM or 4X DVD-ROM IDE/AT drive.
     Support Bootable CD-ROM Format specification version 1.0.
     Compliant to Audio-CD, Video-CD, CD-ROM/XA, KaraokeCD,
     and Photo-CD (both single and multi-session) format.
   Diskette drive    AT diskette interface
   Video    Physical interface is compatible with the IBM Personal System/2
     (PS/2) VGA interface.
     Support Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP)
   Modem    One 56.6 Kbps PCI modem adapter card with data/fax/voice
     or non-voice features.
     Audio Compatible to Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster Pro and Windows Sound System
   Pointing device    IBM PS/2-compatible mouse
   Keyboard device    IBM PS/2-compatible keyboard
   Serial port    Supports high speed 16450/16550 compatible UARTs with send/receive
     16 bytes FIFOs - RS232D electrical interface compliant
   Parallel port    Supports SPP (IBM PC/XT, PC/AT, PS/2) compatible, EPP (IEEE 1284 compliance),
     ECP (IEEE 1284 compliance) interface.
   Game port    Game port interface for joystick. It also supports MIDI.
   USB    Supports Universal HCI Specification for USB 1.0

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