2158-Aptiva - System Board Jumpers and Connectors

2158-Aptiva - System Board Jumpers and Connectors

The blackened pin of a jumper represents pin 1. 


DIMM Configurations

A maximum of 256MB memory may be installed.
You can install 16MB, 64MB, or 128MB PC-100 SDRAM-DIMM (64-bit, non-ECC, 100MHz, 3.3volt, gold contact) in any socket and any combination.

See > BIOS Setup Utility - Memory/Cache Options

When checking voltages, the power supply fan must be running. To power-on the power supply without using the on/off switch, use a screwdriver or other tool to short the connector CN2 pin 10-20 (with the switch cable disconnected from the connector on the system board), or use a connection (jumper) to short the black and green wires of the 20-pin connector (pin 14-15) on power supply.