Enhanced IDE Hard Disk Drive - Installing DiskGo! in Windows 3.1

Installation Guide - Installing DiskGo! in Windows 3.1

If your computer's current operating system is Windows 3.1, install DiskGo!  in order to receive customized instructions for installing your new drive.

To install DiskGo!  in Windows 3.1:

  1.  Turn on your computer.
  2.  Insert the DiskGo!  diskette or CD­ROM in the diskette or CD-ROM drive.
  3.  Select Run from the Program Manager.
  4.  Type x:setup where x is the drive letter of your diskette or CD-ROM, and click on OK.
  5.  Follow on-screen instructions to install DiskGo! .
  6.  Follow DiskGo!  screen instructions to complete the drive  installation process.

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