6562 Parts Listing

6562 FRU P/N 
Index    FRU P/N
1 Cover Assembly    76H7327
   Power Button    03K9729
2 EMC Shields    76H7338
3 2.5GB EIDE Hard Disk Drive  
   (76H5822)    36L8811
   4.2GB EIDE Hard Disk Drive    12J4574
   IDE Cable    76H7341
   2.1GB SCSI Hard Disk Drive (07H1119)    00K7913
   4.3GB SCSI Hard Disk Drive (76H4616)    00K7909
   SCSI Adapter Card (AHA-2940UW)    12J3094
   SCSI Data Cable    76H7343
   SCSI LED Cable    76H7344
4 IDE CD-ROM Drive (24x Max.)    12J3521
   IDE Cable, CD-ROM (1-drop)    12J3432
5 Hard Disk/CD-ROM Cage  
   (with mounting screws)    76H7331
6 Audio Panel Assembly    76H7171
   Audio Cable    01K5680
7 3.5-Inch 1.44 Diskette Drive    75H9550
   3.5-Inch 1.44 Diskette Drive - Japan    75H9552
   Diskette Drive Cable    76H7340
   Diskette Drive Power Cable    12J3431
8 3.5-Inch Diskette Bracket    76H7330
9 Side Bracket with Bumpers    76H7329
   Bumper Kit for Side Bracket    03K9732
10 System Board Guide Rail    76H7335
   Cable, Wake On Ring    76H7345
11 Processor Pentium® MMX™ 166 MHz    76H7119
   Processor Pentium® MMX™ 200 MHz    76H5509
   Processor Pentium® MMX™ 233 MHz (01K5898)    02K2768
12 Memory - 16 MB DIMM, Non-Parity    01K1116
   Memory - 32 MB DIMM, Non-Parity    01K1117
   Memory - 64 MB DIMM, Non-Parity (Option)    01K1118
   Memory - 128 MB DIMM, Non-Parity (Option)    01K1119
   Memory - 16 MB DIMM, EDO ECC    01K1120
   Memory - 32 MB DIMM, EDO ECC    01K1121
   Memory - 64 MB DIMM, EDO ECC (Option)    01K1122
   Memory - 128 MB DIMM, EDO ECC (Option)    01K1123
13 System Board (no processor, memory)  
   (see MIF-file update)  
   (93H8747, 07L6997, 07L7353)    07L5487
   Lithium Battery    33F8354
   Jumper Kit    93F0067
14 Chassis Assembly    76H7328
   Keylock Assembly    76H7336
   Foot (4x)    93F2386
   Bezel Kit (5x)  
   (CD-ROM Bezel - OPT. P/N 76H4912)    76H7339
   Bumper Kit    03K9732
   Miscellaneous Screw Kit    93F0041
15 Fan/Speaker/Power Switch Assembly    76H7332
16 Riser Card  
   (see MIF-file update (93H2831))    01K4444
   Riser Card Support    76H7334
17 Side Panel    76H7333
18 145 Watt Power Supply    12J5991
   145 Watt Power Supply - Japan    12J5993

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