CD-ROM Drive, Sound and Modem (2161)

CD-ROM Drive, Sound and Modem
Index    FRU P/N
1 CD-ROM Drive (16x CAV)  
   (76H6101)    76H6103
2 CD-ROM Drive Audio Cable  
   (Model C9S) (76H6101)    10H2924
3 CD-ROM/Hard Disk Cable    60G2254
   Wake Up On Ring Cable    41H7819
4 Sound Card    see FRU P/N
5 Modem Cards, 36.6 Kbps  
   Belgium    76H6947
   France    76H6247
   Germany    76H6253
   Italy    76H6249
   Japan    76H1760
   Portugal    76H6949
   Spain    76H6945
   Switzerland, Austria    76H6251
   UK, NL, SWE, DK, NOR, FIN IRE    76H1758
   US/LA/BR    76H1762
   Modem/Audio Cable    76H1617
   Modem Splitter    41H7820
   Modem Cable (EMEA)    43G3398
Telephone Adapter  
   Austria    60H6045
   Belgium    60H6046
   Denmark    60H6047
   Eire    60H6043
   Finland    60H6048
   France    60H6049
   Germany    60H6050
   Italy    60H6052
   Netherlands    60H6053
   Norway    60H6048
   Portugal    60H6047
   Spain    60H6043
   Sweden    60H6054
   Switzerland    60H6055
   UK    60H6051
   Internal Speaker    75H9292
   DC Power Cable, Speaker    07H1686
   Speaker, Model 10    07H1627
   Speaker Grill, Model 10    76H1684
   Speaker, Model 20    07H1629
   Speaker Grill, Model 20    76H1686
   Speaker, Sub-Woofer, Model 30    76H4764
   Speaker, Sub-Woofer, Model 31  
   (EMEA 230 Vac)    76H4762
   Sub-Woofer, A.C. Power Cable (UK)    04H6905
   Sub-Woofer, A.C. Power Cable (EUROPE)    04H6906
   Joystick    76H1572
   Microphone    60G2272
   Head Set    76H6978
   Y Adapter (Head Set)    12J3988
8 Packet (Mounting Screws)    93F0041

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