Backplane Connectors (8650)

Backplane Connectors

J2    LED cable connector for drives 1, 2, 3
   J3, J4    Drive ID and configuration jumper blocks
   J5    Wide SCSI bay drive 1
   J6    Wide SCSI bay drive 2
   J7    Wide SCSI bay drive 3
   J8    Narrow SCSI cable, output
   J9    LED cable connector for drives 4, 5, 6
   J10    Power and ground from power distribution board and power supply
   J11    I²C bus connector
   J12    Wide SCSI drive bay 4
   J13    Wide SCSI drive bay 5
   J14    Wide SCSI drive bay 6
   J15    Wide SCSI cable connector, input from channel A or B