Step 2: Add and Remove Boards (8650)

Step 2: Add and Remove Boards

NOTE: If the administrator password entry prompt appears, you must  enter it to access the selection.

Select Add and Remove Boards to add, remove, or move any adapter. The System Configuration Utility program automatically detects and adds most adapters. This step provides a list of all correctly configured devices. Press F6 to add ISA devices to the configuration.

The server requires 'Configuration Files' to correctly configure ISA and EISA adapters. You must  copy the configuration file, which has a file-name extension of .CFG , from the device diskette to the System Configuration Utility program diskette before installing the device in the server.

If administrator password is set, the system prompts you to enter it.

If an administrator password is not set, the system prompts to set an administrator password. You can press Esc to continue using the System Configuration Utility program without setting an administrator password.

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