Changing Settings (8650)

Changing Settings

You can advance through the screens by pressing the Page Up (PgUp) or Page Down (PgDn) key. Use the Up Arrow (  ) or Down Arrow (  ) key to advance through the items on the screen. Change selections by first advancing to the item that you want to change, then, use the plus key (+) or minus key (-) to make the change.

To access menu-bar selections within the Setup program, use the Right Arrow (>) or Left Arrow (<) keys.

The Setup program consists of the following menu bar selections:

diskette drives. identify the type and speed of the processors. is displayed. General help information is available by pressing F1.
Main    Set system Time and Date or change configuration settings for
Advanced    View the settings of integrated peripherals, and
Security    Set passwords
   Help    Scroll to any screen choice, the Item Specific Help panel

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