Setup Program (8650)

Setup Program

The Setup program stores configuration values in nonvolatile random-access memory (NVRAM) and in the battery-backed memory of the real-time clock. Entries made in the 'System Configuration Utility Program' overwrite the entries in the Setup program.

Much of the system configuration is performed through the System Configuration Utility program, not the Setup program. Because the System Configuration Utility program resides on diskette, you must enable the diskette drive before using the System Configuration Utility. After configuring the system, the configuration can be secured against casual or unauthorized access by running the Setup program to disable the diskette drive.

In most cases, the server operates using the default settings, and you need to change the settings only to resolve configuration conflicts or to enable or change device function (for example, defining diskette drive types).

Review this section and the information that came with the device before making changes. Also, record the current settings before making any changes.

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