Secure Mode (8650)

Secure Mode

Secure mode secures the system against unauthorized use. In secure mode, keyboard and mouse input is inhibited if the keyboard and mouse remain inactive for a predetermined amount of time. Also, the Num Lock, Caps Lock, and Scroll Lock indicator lights blink. The user password must be entered to gain access to the system.

NOTE: A user password must be set before secure mode can be enable

Refer to the following table for information on the options available for the secure mode.

Options Description
Hot Key Option Specify a set of keyboard commands
that will place the system immediately into
secure mode.
Lockout Timer Specify a keyboard and mouse inactivity
time-out period of 1 to 128 minutes (in one
minute increments). If the timer is enabled
and no keyboard or mouse activity occurs for
the specified period, keyboard and mouse
input is inhibited.
Secure Boot Mode When this option is enabled, it disables
the keyboard and mouse after POST completes
and the operating system has loaded.
Enter the user password to unlock
the keyboard and mouse.
Video Blanking Specify if secure mode will cause
the monitor to blank out.
Floppy Writes Specify if writing to a diskette
when the system is in secure mode is
enabled or disabled.

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