Clearing All Passwords (8650 Switch S6A1-2)

Clearing All Passwords (Switch S6A1-2)

Setting the password switch to On clears the administrator and user passwords.

When the password switch is set to Off, the default, you can enter an administrator or user password, or both.

To clear the administrator and user passwords, do the following.
  1.  Power-off the system.
  2.  Remove the bottom processor board.
  3.  Locate the configuration switches on the system board.
  4.  Slide switch S6A1-2 to On.
  5.  Replace the bottom processor board.
  6.  Connect the power cords to the server and the monitor.
  7.  Power-on the server and the monitor, then,  wait for POST to complete. This  automatically clears the administrator password.
  8.  Power-off the server and the monitor.
  9.  Disconnect the power cord from the server and monitor.
  10.  Remove the bottom processor board.
  11.  Slide switch S6A1-2 to Off.
  12.  Replace the bottom processor board.
  13.  Complete the installation.
  14.  Run the System Configuration Utility to specify  a new administrator password, user password,  or both (see 'Security').

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