Configure/View Host Adapter Settings (8650)

Configure/View Host Adapter Settings

To view or change the SCSI-2 controller settings, select Configure/View Host Adapter Settings and follow the directions on the screen. Refer to the following table for information on the choices on this menu.

SCSI Controller
Host Adapter SCSI ID Changes the SCSI ID of the SCSI-2 controller
from its default value of 7.
SCSI Parity Checking
Enables or disables parity checking on the
SCSI-2 adapter or controller.
The default value is Enabled.
Host Adapter SCSI
Configures SCSI-2 adapter or controller
The default value is Low On / High On.
SCSI Device
Configures SCSI device parameters.
Before you can make updates, you must
know the ID of the device whose parameters
you want to configure.
Advanced Configuration
Allows you to view or change
the settings for advanced configuration
options. These include:
° Startable CD-ROM drive. When set to On,
the CD-ROM drive can be included as a
startup device (see
'Setting the Selectable Drive-Startup Sequence'
for more information).
For this option to take effect, you must
insert a startable CD in the CD-ROM drive.
° Init13Extensions. When set to On,
these BIOS extensions are enabled.

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