Configuring for Full-Duplex (8650)

  Configuring for Full-Duplex

If you have a hub that does not support auto-negotiation, manually configure the adapter for full-duplex support. Configuration is specific to the driver you are loading for your network operating system. Refer to Table below.

NOTE: You must set the adapter speed when configuring for full-duplex support. Do not leave the speed set to auto-negotiate.

Setting Duplex Mode

Driver How To Set Duplex Mode
Windows NT Server 3.51 Define the Setup program:
1. Click Network on the Control Panel
2. Click Configure. The Setup program runs.
3. Click Change. Set the speed to 100 Mbps or 10 Mbps.
4. Click Advanced. Set Duplex to Full.
Other Network Operating Systems See the README file.
To view the README files, insert the
Ethernet Configuration and Drivers diskette,
and type SETUP \README
at the DOS prompt. Then, press Enter.

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