SCSISelect Configuration Utility Menus/Options

SCSISelect  Configuration Utility Menus/Options

If the SCSISelect  utility detects only one AHA-2940/2940W host adapter in your system, it displays the following Options menu:

 |      AHA-2940/2940W at Bus:Device xx:xxh            |
 |                                                     |
 |Would you like to configure the host adapter or run  |
 |the SCSI disk utilities? Select the option and press |
 |<Enter>. Press <F5> to switch between color and      |
 |monochrome modes.                                    |
 |                                                     |
 |                  Options                            |
 |      Configure/View Host Adapter Settings           |
 |             SCSI Disk Utilities                     |
 |                                                     |
 |Arrow keys to move cursor, <Enter> to select option, |
 |<Esc> to exit (*=default)                            |

NOTE: If the SCSISelect  utility finds multiple AHA-2940/2940W host adapters in the system, the PCI Bus and PCI device number of each adapter is displayed. As you move the highlighted bar to different host adapters (using the up and down arrow keys), the red light on the corresponding adapter installed in the system lights to allow you to identify the correct adapter. The Option menu is displayed after you select a host adapter.

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