Module Testing Mode

  Module Testing Mode

If the test programs do not find a problem, or you want to perform in-depth testing, the Module Testing mode provides a method to run individual tests on a single module. For example, you can run an individual test for the diskette drive, or you can run groups of tests for several modules.

In the Module Testing mode, you can define how many times each test should run and how the test program should log the errors.

To start the Module Testing mode:
  1.  Start the Diagnostics diskette. See 'Starting the Diagnostics Diskette'.
  2.  Select Diagnostic from the Main Menu.
  3.  Select Module Tests from the next menu.
  4.  Use the up and down arrow keys (   and   )  to move the highlight bar from one selection to the next.
  5.  Follow the instructions on the screen.

NOTE: As you scroll down the selection menu, the Test Group window to the right changes to correspond to the highlighted Module.

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