Command Line Options

  Command Line Options

The following Command Line Options are available when initially starting the diagnostic program from within its directory.

.Type QAPLPRO/XXX (where /XXX represents one of the following from the list below) then press Enter.

Command Action
/B&W The /B&W command line option forces the
program to load in Black and White (Monochrome) mode,
which is often more readable on laptop computers.
/LOG=file The /LOG=file command line option directs the
test programs to start using a specified Error Log file.
/INT10 The /INT10 command line option forces the
test programs to use the BIOS for screen writes.
/OXXX The /OXXX command line option, where XXX=test
group (for example, MBD/MEM/VID/HDU/FDU/KBD/COM/LPT, and
so on), omits the designated test group from testing.
The /USERCONFIG=file command line option tells
the test programs to look for a user diagnostic config-
-file other than the default USERDIAG.CFG.
The /SCRIPT=file[R] command line option with
the 'R' runs the selected script.
Please see 'Scripting'
for a description of scripting.

NOTE: You can use a ' - ' instead of a ' / ' as the command line switch.

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