Miscellaneous Symptoms (3545)

Miscellaneous Symptoms
Symptom/Error    FRU/Action
   Program-load error during 1. Network Adapter
   remote IPL from the file servicer.  
   External display screen changes colors. 1. Go to 'External Display Self-Test'
   One or more keys do not work 1. Go to
   on the external keyboard, but     'Ext. Keyboard/Aux. Input Device Checkout'
   the Dock I is otherwise functional.  
   Computer does not work, 1. See 'Undetermined Problem'
   power-good light does not  
   turn on, but the fan runs.  
   Power-good light does not 1. See 'Undetermined Problem'
   turn on, fan does not run,  
   and the computer is not functional.  
   Although the computer is 1. The fan is working correctly.
   is powered-off, the fan of     To stop the fan, set the key lock
   the Dock I power supply is running.     to the external left position
      (:artwork runin name='c78jb404.bmp'.).
   Computer is functional, fan runs, 1. LED Assembly
   but power-good light does not turn on. 2. I/O Card
  3. Go to 'Power Systems Checkout'
   Intermittent failures. 1. Do the loop test.
      (See 'How to Run the Loop Test')
   Cannot turn off Dock I. 1. I/O Card
  2. Main Board
   The LED (Dock I) for the 1. 2.5-inch Hard Disk Drive
   hard disk drive stays on. 2. The HDD Installation Kit
   LED (Dock I) for the hard 1. Check LED Assembly Cable
   disk drive is not working, 2. LED Assembly
   but the Dock I is functional. 3. Main Board
  4. I/O Card
     NOTE: While related to the SCSI hard
      disk installed in the Dock I, the LED
      for the hard disk drive does not work
      when you access the SCSI hard disk.
   The beep sounds continuously. 1. Before replacing any devices, check
      that the release/lock lever is opened.
  2. Security Feature Group
  3. Main Board
   The HDD-2 is not recognized and no 1. Remove the hard disk password for the
   error codes appear on the screen.     ThinkPad hard disk as follows:
   (The password of the HDD-2 is still set.)     a. Install the second hard disk drive
      in the computer.
      b. Remove the hard disk password.
      NOTE:The HDD-2 icon means the 2.5-inch
      ThinkPad hard disk drive installed in the Dock I

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