Locations N45SL (2614)

Locations N45SL (2614)

System Board 
  1.  External Display Connector
  2.  Parallel Connector
  3.  Serial Connector
  4.  Memory Adapter Card Connector
  5.  Auxiliary Device Connector
  6.  Hard Disk Drive Connector
  7.  Diskette Drive Connector
  8.  Status Light Panel Connector
  9.  Keyboard Connectors
  10.  LCD Connector
  11.  Modem Connector Jack

    DC to DC Board (Top) 

  12.  AC Adapter Connector
  13.  Backup Battery Connector
  14.  Battery Pack Connector
  15.  Battery Status Indicator Connector

    DC to DC Board (Bottom) 

  16.  System Board Connector


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