Testing the Standby Battery (8543)

Testing the Standby Battery

NOTE: The charging time required is 48 hours.
  1.  Remove the keyboard and the top cover.
  2.  Connect the AC adapter to the computer.
  3.  Disconnect the standby battery connector from the system board and  measure the voltage at the connector of the standby battery as shown.


    Pin Voltage (Vdc)
    1 +3.0 to +4.5
    2 Ground


     If the voltage is correct, perform the failing operation with a  fully-charged standby battery to isolate the problem.

    If the voltage is not correct, continue.

  4.  Measure the output voltage at the connector on the system board.


    If the voltage is higher than measured in Step 3,  the standby battery is discharged or is defective.

    If the voltage is the same as measured  in Step 3. or less than +3.0 Vdc,  replace the standby battery.  If the problem remains, replace the system board.

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