DVD-ROM Drive is NOT Recognized by the Operating System

The DVD-ROM drive is NOT Recognized by the Operating System, or the Drive Performs Erratically.

Some computers have Compatible and High Performance modes for mass storage devices.
Normally, the DVD-ROM drive functions better under the High Performance mode.
However, if the drive is not functioning properly in that mode, you might need to use the Compatible mode.
Use the following procedure to check the configuration-setup information for the computer.

  1.  Access the configuration utility program.
  2.  Select Devices.
  3.  Scroll down to the Mass Storage Devices section.
  4.  Mass Storage Devices contains the entries Primary IDE Mode and Secondary IDE Mode.
     These entries are used to set the performance mode of each IDE port.
     Set the mode to Compatible for the port where you installed the DVD-ROM drive.

Refer to the documentation that comes with the computer for additional details on selecting IDE performance modes.

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