Application Server Backup

Application Server Backup

When using a backup application, you are basically 'copying' files to the backup server or tape device. This is perfectly fine when backing up a file server, where a file is the smallest entity you are working with. But what about application servers?

Let's say you have a database server running Lotus Notes, DB2 or SQL Server. In these types of machines, files are just containers of records in the database (for example, a Lotus Notes NSF file). This file consists of all notes in the database. It also means that if you change one character in one note, the entire NSF file changes. Normally, this would mean the backup program would send the entire file to the backup server. Since this way of working is not feasible, another solution must be found.

Most backup applications have add-ons, which allow you to back up application data (for example databases) on a record level. If we continue the above example, it would mean that changing one note in the entire Notes database would result in a backup of only this note.

When an application server needs to be backed up, check the availability of backup agents for the application. Since they are application dependent, it could limit your choices of backup software.

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