Windows NT

Windows NT

The Windows NT device driver and associated files reside in the A:\WINNT subdirectory.

The driver under the NT subdirectory supports the failover function. A redundant pair of network adapters can be defined such that a loss of good link status on the primary adapter will cause all ethernet traffic on this link to be automatically switched to the secondary adapter. If the link for the primary adapter is restored, the sessions on the secondary adapter will automatically switch back to the primary adapter.

The NT device driver can handle up to 4 ethernet controllers. Two of these controllers can be configured as a redundant pair.

To enable failover operation, select Settings from the Start menu. Then select Control Panel, then Network, then Adapters. Highlight the IBM Netfinity AMD PCNet Ethernet Controller and press the Properties button. Check the Grouping box and designate the primary and secondary adapters. The onboard controller is located at bus 0, slot 14.

If a failover occurs, a message will be written to into the NT Event viewer. To enable a pop up message to be written to the screen when a failover occurs, run the PCNET.EXE program located in the WINNT subdirectory. This program is the DMI instrumentation code for the NT driver and will create the pop up message if DMI is installed on the machine. See Information on DMI support.

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