PS/1 - type Keyboard incl. Cable / Mouse

PART Name    FRU P/N
   Mouse (2011)    1383640
   Mouse (2144 / 2168)    93F2379
   Mouse (for 2144 / 2168 SL- I)    06H4595
   Ball & Clip for Mouse  
   LEVEL - 2  
   (match to FRU P/N on mouse 33G1913)    60G1990
   Ball & Clip for Mouse  
   LEVEL - 1  
   (match to FRU P/N on mouse 33G3835)    93F2380
PS/1 Type - Keyboards  
   (include Keyboard Cable)  
   Keyboard (Rubber Dome)  
   U.S. Canada    73G4615
   Canada (French)    04H5670
   Latin America (Spanish)    73G4623
   Brazil (Portugal)    73G4617
   Keyboard (Rubber Dome) (for SL- I Type)  
   Arabic countries    06H9750
   Belgium/Dutch    06H9752
   Belgium/French    06H9751
   Brazilian    06H9794
   Bulgarian    06H9753
   Canadian/English    06H9743
   Canadian/French    06H9745
   Czech Republic    06H9754
   Danish    06H9755
   Dutch    06H9756
   Finnish    06H9774
   French    06H9757
   German    06H9758
   Greek    06H9760
   Hebrew    06H9761
   Hungarian    06H9762
   Italian    06H9764
   Latin American Spanish    06H9773
   Norwegian    06H9765
   Polish    06H9766
   Portuguese    06H9767
   Romanian    06H9768
   Russia    06H9770
   Russian/Cyrillic    06H9769
   Serbian/Cyrillic    06H9771
   Slovakian    06H9772
   South Africa    06H9786
   Spanish    06H9773
   Swedish    06H9774
   Swiss    06H9775
   Turkish    06H9776
   U.K. English    06H9778
   U.S. English    06H9743
   Keyboard (Buckling Spring)  
   U.S.    1395900
   Australia, Bangladesh  
   China, Hong Kong, Indonesia  
   Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar  
   New Zealand, Phillippines  
   Singapore, South Africa  
   Sri Lanka, Thailand    04H5670
   Arabic countries    1396497
   Belgium/Dutch    1395910
   Belgium/French    1395908
   Brazilian/Portuguese    1399045
   Bulgarian (Cyrillic)    1399358
   Canadian/English    1395900
   Canadian/French    1395901
   Czech Republic    1399377
   Danish    1395916
   Finnish    1395913
   French    93F0114
   German    1395907
   Greek    1399078
   Hungarian    1399379
   Israel    1395919
   Italian    1395912
   Latin American Spanish    1397036
   Netherlands    1395909
   Norwegian    1395914
   Polish    1399376
   Portuguese    1395915
   Romanian    1399380
   Russian/Cyrillic    1399375
   Serbian/Cyrillic    1399374
   Slovakian    1399378
   Spanish    1395920
   Swedish    1395913
   Swiss (French)    1395921
   Swiss (German)    1395922
   Swiss (Italian)    1395912
   Turkish (179 keyboard)    1395917
   Turkish (440 keyboard)    8124318
   U.K. Ireland    1395906
   Yugoslavia (Latin)    1399081

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