PCI Bus Connector Layout

PCI Bus Connector Layout (124-Pin)
PCI Local Bus Specifications - Revision 2.0 

The PCI bus runs synchronous to the system microprocessor. For the Type 1 system board the PCI bus is driven at 33MHz, for Type 2 system board it is driven at 30MHz. Each PCI connector I/O signal is capable of driving one low-power Schottky load.

The PCI bus shares interrupts with the EISA bus. IRQ 5, 11 or 15 can be assigned to the PCI bus through the Setup Utility. Precautions must be taken to ensure that the IRQs are assigned to the correct bus, otherwise, adapters might not work correctly.

  124-pin PCI-Connector

NOTE: 3.52Vdc is supplied through an opt. 5Vdc to 3.52 Vdc regulator.

Pin Signal Pin Signal
A1 -TRST B1 -12 V
A2 +12 V B2 TCK
A3 TMS B3 Ground
A5 +5 V B5 +5 V
A6 -INTA B6 +5 V
A8 +5 V B8 -INTD
A9 Reserved B9 -PRSNT1
A10 +5 V (I/O) B10 Reserved
A11 Reserved B11 -PRSNT2
A12 Ground B12 Ground
A13 Ground B13 Ground
A14 Reserved B14 Reserved
A15 -RST B15 Ground
A16 +5 V (I/O) B16 CLK
A17 -GNT B17 Ground
A18 Ground B18 -REQ
A19 Reserved B19 +5 V (I/O)
A20 AD(30) B20 AD(31)
A21 +3.52 Vdc B21 AD(29)
A22 AD(28) B22 Ground
A23 AD(26) B23 AD(27)
A24 Ground B24 AD(25)
A25 AD(24) B25 +3.52 Vdc
A26 IDSEL B26 -C/BE(3)
A27 +3.52 Vdc B27 AD(23)
A28 AD(22) B28 Ground
A29 AD(20) B29 AD(21)
A30 Ground B30 AD(19)
A31 AD(18) B31 +3.52 Vdc
A32 AD(16) B32 AD(17)
A33 +3.52 Vdc B33 -C/BE(2)
A34 -FRAME B34 Ground
A35 Ground B35 -IRDY
A36 -TRDY B36 +3.52 Vdc
A37 Ground B37 -DEVSEL
A38 -STOP B38 Ground
A39 +3.52 Vdc B39 -LOCK
A41 -SBO B41 +3.52 Vdc
A42 Ground B42 -SERR
A43 PAR B43 +3.52 Vdc
A44 AD(15) B44 -C/BE(1)
A45 +3.52 Vdc B45 AD(14)
A46 AD(13) B46 Ground
A47 AD(11) B47 AD(12)
A48 Ground B48 AD(10)
A49 AD(09) B49 Ground
A50 Key B50 Key
A51 Key B51 Key
A52 C/BE(0) B52 AD(08)
A53 +3.52 Vdc B53 AD(07)
A54 AD(06) B54 +3.52 Vdc
A55 AD(04) B55 AD(05)
A56 Ground B56 AD(03)
A57 AD(02) B57 Ground
A58 AD(00) B58 AD(01)
A59 +5 V (I/O) B59 +5 V (I/O)
A60 -REQ64 B60 -ACK64
A61 +5 V B61 +5 V
A62 +5 V B62 +5 V

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