Cable/Wrap Plug and Terminator Parts Catalog

Use for    FRU P/N
RS-232 / Parallel(COMx/LPTx)  
   Wrap Plug (Tri Connector) for Serial / Parallel  
   (25-Pin/9-Pin Serial and 25-Pin Parallel)    72X8546
   Serial Adapter Wrap Plug (DB25)    8529280
   Printer Adapter Wrap Plug    72X8546
   Data Acquisition Control Adapter Wrap Plug    6323712
   Ethernet D-Shell Wrap Plug    85F0036
   Ethernet BNC T Connector    84F8207
   Ethernet BNC 50-Ohm Terminator (2x required)    85F0037
   Wrap Plug (Token-Ring Network Adapter/A)    6165899
   Wrap Plug ISDN Primary Rate Adapter (AT-Bus)    91F9161
   Wrap Plug ISDN (FRU) (AT-Bus)    07F8989
Realtime Interface Coprocessor  
   Wrap Plug for RIC Multiport/2 Interface (78-Pin)    16F2478
Multiport Adapter  
   Wrap Plug for Multiport Interface Cable  
   ((Direct Connect 25-Pin, Ports 0-1)    6425494
   Wrap Plug for Multiport Interface Cable  
   ((Direct Connect 25-Pin, Ports 2-7)    09F1799
SCSI Adapter Terminators  
   Terminator, External 32-Bit (for 85F0063)    33F8464
   Terminator, Internal 32-Bit (for 85F0063)    34F0025
   Terminator, Internal 16-Bit (for 85F0002)    57F2870
   SCSI Terminator for any SCSI Device  
   (SCSI-cable <-> Disk)    92F0142
   SCSI Terminator Kit (Resistor Pack 3x)  
   (for 40, 60, 80, 120 and 160MB SCSI Hard Disk Drives)    92F0143
   SCSI Card to Option Cable    34F0017
   SCSI Option to Option Cable    34F0018
   SCSI Card to Option Cable (3552 only)    31F4221
   SCSI Option to Option Cable (3552 only)    31F4222
   USB parallel test cable (SelectaDock)    05K2580
IBM-6157 Tape Unit  
   Wrap Plug for Tape Attachment Adapter/A    4178459
Cluster Adapter  
   Cluster Adapter Terminator (BNC)    6323481
   PCMCIA Test Card    35G4703
Miscellaneous CABLES  
   Printercable (DB25-Centronics)    8529214
   Serial Printercable (DB9-DB25)    8286170
   Serial Printercable (DB25-DB25)    8509386
   Standard Serial Cable (DB25-DB25)    8529274
   Serial Connector Cable (DB9-DB25) 10 Inch    8286194
   Serial Cable (DB9-DB25)    8286170
   PC Network-Adapter Cable    8286172
   3117/3119 Scanner Cable    6456807
   ISDN Attachment Cable (Standard)    07G4139
   ISDN Attachment Cable (Germany)    37F9621
   ISDN Attachment Cable (Switzerland)    94F4379
    Display-Unit Cable  
   9524 9525 and 9527 Display Cable (D-sub D-sub)    73G0892
   Display Cable with ID (for X-station)  
   D-sub to BNC-conn. (RGB / Vs+Hs)    58F2901
   Display Cable w/o ID (for RS6000)  
   D-sub to BNC-conn. (RGB / Vs+Hs)    09G3588
   5250 Display Station Emulation Cable  
   PC-cable (DB15 to 2x TWINAX)     6403635

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