9595A FRU P/N (Server 95)

Index    FRU P/N
1 Access Cover    61G3533
2 Rear Bezel    61G3823
3 400 Watt Power Supply    92F0267
   Power Supply Ground Strap    33F8418
4 Pedestal with Plate    33F8422
5 Tamper-Evident Switch/Cable Assy    61G3518
6 Drive Support Structure    92F0280
7 Hot Plug Rack (3 bay)    61G3526
   Hot Plug Rack (1 bay)    61G3527
   Microswitch Housing  
   (for 61G3526, 61G3527)    61G3837
   Microswitch Assembly  
   (for 61G3526, 61G3527)    71G4981
   Microswitch Shaft  
   (for 61G3526, 61G3527)    61G3838
8 1GB 1/3 Ht. Hard Disk Drive (SCSI)    92F0428
   Address Cable with tape  
   (for 92F0428)    61G3834
   Blank Tray (for 92F0428)    61G3832
   1GB 1/3 Ht. Hard Disk Drive (SCSI)  
   (with tray/cable)    61G3828
   1GB Hard Disk Drive (SCSI)  
   (w/o tray/cable)    71G5040
   68 Pin Fast/Wide Tray Asm.    06H7757
   Address ID-Cable for 71G5040    71G0215
   2-Feature Bezel    64F0168
   5.25 Inch Diskette Drive Bezel    64F4103
   5.25 Inch Framing Bezel    33F8459
   CD-ROM Drive I and II Bezel    64F0138
   Rewriteable Optical Drive Bezel    85F0018
   2.88MB 3.5 Inch Diskette Drive  
   (with slide)    64F0204
   Diskette Drive Cable (for 64F0204)    92F0283
   Drive Slide (for 64F0204)    64F0156
   2.88MB 3.5 Inch Diskette Drive  
   (with electr. eject.)    92F0129
   Bezel (for 92F0129)    92F0130
   540MB 1/3 Ht. Hard Disk Drive (SCSI)    92F0406
   Address Cable with tape  
   (for 92F0406)    61G3833
   540MB 1/3 Ht. Hard Disk Drive (SCSI)  
   (with tray/cable)    61G3525
   2.0/4.0-GB 4 mm Tape Drive    FRU P/N
   127MB / 230MB Rewriteable Optical Drive    FRU P/N
   Internal CD-ROM-(I and II)    FRU P/N
9 Hot Plug Rack Rail    71G4982
   Hot Plug Adapter    61G3835
   Hot Plug Adapter Terminator    61G3836
10 2.88MB 3.5 Inch Diskette Drive  
   (with slide)    64F0204
11 - 16 DASD Bezel (medium)    64F4136
12 Feature Bezel (small)    33F8425
13 Drive Retainer    61G3516
14 Tamper-Evident Linkage Assy.    61G3519
15 Front Bezel    61G3515
17 Diskette Drive Blank Bezel    71G5001
18 3.5 Inch Diskette Drive Bezel    71G5000
19 Operator Panel Card Assy.    92F0259
   Speaker    33F8444
20 Operator Panel Bezel    61G3517
21 DASD Tray Assembly  
   (w/o drive/cable)    61G3832
22 Base Frame(R)    61G3822
23 System Board  
   (w/o memory - 2x serial connector)    92F2623
   Battery    33F8354
24 SCSI Adapter for RAID Array Ctrl.    92F0335
   SCSI Adapter 1-MB (30-Pin) Memory    xxxxxxx
   RAID-Cable Converter Adapter Card  
   to 4 mm SCSI - Tape (68-Pin to 50-Pin)    92F0324
   RAID-Cable Converter Adapter Card  
   to SCSI CD-ROM (68-Pin to 50-Pin)    71G2552
25 SVGA-NI Display Adapter/A    71G4877
26 Processor Boards  
   80486DX2-33/66 (Type 4) Processor Board    61G2343
   Pentium® 60 MHz  
    (wrong Pentium® Processor !)    52G9362
   Pentium® 60 MHz  
   (replaced Pentium® Processor)    06H7324
   Pentium® 66 MHz  
    (wrong Pentium® Processor !)    92F0120
   Pentium® 66 MHz  
   (replaced Pentium® Processor)    06H7317
27 System Board Memory Module Kits  
   Parity Memory Module Kits  
   2MB (70 ns)    92F0102
   4MB High-Reliability Parity SIMM (70 ns)    71G6203
   8MB High-Reliability Parity SIMM (70 ns)    71G6204
   ECC Memory Module Kits  
   4MB (70 ns)    92F0097
   8MB (70 ns)    92F0098
   16MB (70 ns)    96F9100
28 Access Cover Fan    61G3827
   Access-Cover Fan Cable    61G3824
   Keylock Assembly    61G3825
   Adapter Guide    33F8440
   Ground Spring (left)    33F6853
   Ground Spring (right)    61G3528
   I/O Shadowbox Ground Spring  
   (with thumbscrews)    92F0099
   DASD Ground Spring    96F9199
   Misc. Parts Kit    33F8435
   Cable Cover (Option)    61G3841
   Cable Cover Lock/Plug (Option)    61G3842
   31 SCSI Drive Cable (4-drives)    61G3524
32 SCSI Drive Cable (3-drives)    61G3523
33 Diskette Drive Signal Cable    92F0283
34 Operator Panel Cable  
   (connects to system board)    92F0239
   Hard Disk Drive Power (3 x)    61G3521
   Hard Disk Drive Power (4 x)    61G3522
37 Operator Panel Cable  
   (connect to processor card)    61G3817

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