6492, 6494 - Valuepoint - FRU P/N

6492, 6494 - Valuepoint
Index    FRU P/N
1 Top Cover Assembly    61G2169
   Logo (R)    06H3159
   Power Button    61G3205
   Front Bezel w/ labels    06H3198
   Foot (4)    93F2386
2 Riser Card (6492)    06H3097
   Riser Card PCI (6494)    82G3563
3 System Board (no mem or proc.)    82G2397
   486SX 25 MHz    71G0790
   486SX 33 MHz    71G0791
   486SX2 25/50 MHz    71G0792
   486DX 33 MHz    71G0793
   486DX2 25/50 MHz    71G0794
   486DX2 33/66 MHz    71G0795
   486DX4 50/100 MHz    71G0796
   Lithium Battery - CR2032    33F8354
   L2 Cache 128 KB    92G7430
   L2 Cache 256 KB    92G7431
   Video DRAM, 1MB 16 ns    92G7432
   Jumper, 2 pos. - 4x pack    93F0067
   EMC Clips - 3x pack    61G3206
4 250 W Power Supply    82G5874
5 Diskette Drive Cable    92F0423
   Hard Disk Drive Cable    92F0424
6 5.25 Inch 1.2MB Diskette Drive    82G1824
7 Base Frame Assembly (R)    92F0422
   Speaker    92F0421
8 LED and Cable, Power    93F2389
   9 LED and Cable, Hard Disk Drive    93F2388
10 72-Pin Memory Module, 4MB (70 ns)    73G3233
   72-Pin Memory Module, 8MB (70 ns)    73G3234
   72-Pin Memory Module, 16MB (70 ns)    60G2950
   72-Pin Memory Module, 32MB (70 ns)    73G3135
11 3.5 Inch 1.44MB Diskette Drive    93F2361
   3.5 Inch 2.88MB Diskette Drive    82G1887
   3.5 Inch Blank Drive Bezel    06H3201
   3.5 Inch Adapter Guide Holder    52G8746
   Hard Disk Mounting Screws (4)    93F0041
12 5.25 Inch Blank Bezel    06H3200
   5.25 Inch Diskette Drive Tray    61G3207
   5.25 Inch to 3.5 Inch Tray  
   Tray Conversion Kit    70G8165
13 Cover Lock w/ pawl    61G2177
14 Riser Card Support Clip    61G2365
15 Base Stand    61G2174
16 Adapter Card Guide    61G2173
17 170MB Hard Disk Drive    71G4958
   270MB Hard Disk Drive    82G5926
   340MB Hard Disk Drive    92G0404
   364MB Hard Disk Drive    82G5927
   527MB Hard Disk Drive    82G3300
   540MB Hard Disk Drive    82G5928
   728MB Hard Disk Drive    82G5929
   CD-ROM Drive    61G4109
   Jazz 16    06H3086
   Audio/Data Cable    06H3085
   Misc. Parts Kit    53G0387
   Hardware Kit (Type 2 system board)    82G5894
Communication Adapters  
   Ethernet Adapter (twisted pair)    92F0386
   Ethernet Adapter (coaxial)    92F0387
   Token Ring adapter    03F0212
Keyboard Cable and Mouse  
   Keyboard German    1391403
   Keyboard U.S. English    1396790
   Keyboard Cable (0.9 m)    61X8898
   KBD-Parts Kit    33F8174
   Mouse (33G5420)    06H4595

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