SCSI backplane removal - (NF 8500R - Type 8681)

SCSI backplane removal

The SCSI backplane supports up to two hard disk drives.

Note: All drives must be removed and disconnected before removing the backplane.

  1.  See 'Before you begin to install optional hardware'  and 'Internal drives installation'.
  2.  Remove any plugged-in drives.
  3.  Remove all connectors from the SCSI backplane.
  4.  Remove the five screws -1- that hold the backplane to the server chassis.
  5.  Lift the SCSI backplane -2- up and out of the server.
     You may need to tilt the SCSI backplane slightly to get it out of the server.
  6.  Reverse the procedure to install the SCSI backplane.

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