Installing or replacing a processor daughterboard - (NF 8500R - Type 8681)

Installing or replacing a processor daughterboard

You will need to install a second processor daughterboard if you plan to use more than four processors in the server.
The additional processors must be installed on an optional processor daughterboard. Or, you might need to replace a processor daughterboard.

Refer to the following illustration while you perform the steps in this section.
In this illustration, the standard processor cage is installed in the processor housing assembly, with a processor -11- in connector A1.
The optional processor cage is item -5-.


-1- Processor-cage cover
-2- Fasteners on processor-cage cover
-3- Processor terminator card
-4- Optional processor
-5- Processor cage
-6- Processor-daughterboard spacers (not present if processor daughterboard is present)
-7- Processor daughterboard
-8- Processor housing assembly latches
-9- Fan guard
-10- Processor-cage release latches
-11- Processor A1

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