Processor fan replacement - (NF 8500R - Type 8681)

Processor fan replacement

  1.  Determine which fan you will replace.
  2.  Remove the front bezel (see 'Removing the front bezel').
  3.  Pull out the fastener -1- in the top center of the processor fan -2-.
     This places the fastener in the unlocked position.
  4.  Pivot the fan downward and remove it from the server.
  5.  Insert the replacement fan in the fan bay.
     Align the bottom tabs of the fan -2- with the matching slots in the server chassis.
  6.  Pivot the fan in an upward position.
  7.  When you have the fan correctly seated in the fan bay, press on the fastener in the center of the fan to  secure the fan in the server.

    Note: When you correctly seat the fan in the chassis, the fan blades begin to spin.
     The fan LED goes out a few seconds after the new fan is installed.

  8.  If you have other options to install or remove, do so now; otherwise, continue with
    'Completing the installation'.

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