Midplane removal - (NF 8500R - Type 8681)

Midplane removal

Note: Before beginning, see 'Safety information'.

  1.  See 'Removing the top cover'.
  2.  Remove all three power supplies.
     See 'Hot-swap power supply installation/removal' for instructions.
  3.  Remove the two screws -1- at the top of the midplane tray -2- which hold the midplane to the  server chassis.
  4.  Lift the midplane up out of the chassis.
  5.  Remove the eight screws -6- that hold the midplane card -7- to the midplane tray.
     The power control card -5- will still be attached to the midplane by the bracket -4- and -3-(orange pull).
     To remove the power control card, see 'Power control card removal'.
  6.  Reverse this procedure to install the midplane.

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