Front panel - (NF 8500R - Type 8681)

Front panel

The front panel on the front of the server contains status lights and system messages.


-1- Information message panel: System monitor information appears on this display.
The Advanced System Management PCI Adapter monitors system functions and generates the messages.

When the server is in standby mode (the system power supply is turned off and AC current is present), the information message panel can display system monitor information.

-2- System error light: This amber light is on when a system error occurs.
Information about the condition displays on the information message panel.

-3- SCSI hard disk drive in-use light: This green light is on when there is activity on a hard disk drive.

  -Attention- If the System Power Light is off, it does not mean there is no electrical current present in the server.
To remove all electrical current from the server, you must unplug the server power cords.

-4- System Power Light: When this green light is on, system power is present in the server.
When this light flashes, the server is in standby mode (AC current is present).
When this light is off, it indicates either power supply failure or an AC power failure, or the power cords have been disconnected.

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